Welcome to the Saints N Sinners Survival Plus server!      The server went live on July 8th, 2018.    But don’t let it stop you from joining the communities on the Ragnarok server.     We have several groups operating out of different regions on the map.

And just west of Viking Bay along the coast is a smaller starter town that the admins started.     A place to hawk your wares!     Rental apartments for new players to the server.     Shops you can purchase!   Or a public area to place a trade stall or two at!      Deeds can be purchased at the town hall and now we even have a bank and banker!

Discord  here lets you be aware of events and situations on the server.     A discord channel also has the server rules.

Be respectful and considerate of other players. Personal insults and verbal attacks are considered harassment and will be met with varying degrees of bans from the server. This is a game, and nothing should end up being personal.
Tribe Limits: Each tribe is limited to three players (for now). This is to add incentive to join Kingdoms as this is where the high populations should be.
No cheating: This includes hacks, glitches, scripts, whatever else that is unfair. This is the official server and as such we expect any exploits to be reported when found.
Language: Please keep in mind that a wide array of players of different ages may find this server, and respect that by keeping offensive language away.
Within your tribe is not allowed, please play nice and fair with all tribe members. Other rules within tribes can be defined by the tribe members. Outside of tribe members if it is left open then it is fair game and players are encourage to use locks where needed.
Sleeping Players:
If you find a player asleep in the world you are not allowed to kill them, kidnap them, or steal from their body. The exception to this is finding a sleeping body within your base. This also includes moving a sleeping body out of safety to get it killed. If found within a village, players can be moved to a jail or out of the main streets as long as it does not put them in danger.
Griefing will not be tolerated and primarily includes purposely leading dinos into a camp with the intent to destroy structures, players, or their tames. Other griefing scenarios are at admin discretion and will be assessed accordingly. Note that training dinos can receive an additional punishment of an equal or greater threat being spawned within your own base at admin discretion.
Global Chat:
While useful for talking long distances, please try to utilize tribe, alliance, or local chat when possible. Please also do not argue with fellow players in Global! If needed, take up the matter either on the discor channel or, preferably, by private direct message [DM] in Discord. As a reminder, the default chat shortcut keys are as follows: Insert – Local chat / – Tribe chat Home – Alliance chat
Building Rules
Cave Building: Cave building is allowed with a few exceptions: ~ No crops of any kind (unless the top of the cave is open to allow light to the plots) ~ No capitals, or government buildings such as an outpost ~ No banks ~ No automated defense structures such as archer stands
DO NOT LEAVE MISCELLANEOUS STRUCTURES ACROSS THE MAP. While many of ours mods structures like campfires will decay on their own over time not all items do. Limits: Each person may have a single outpost in addition to their main house. This outpost is designed to allow for resource gathering. Tree farms and stone quarries do not count in this limit. – – Do not block doors with anything other than a door. Anything found blocking a door way can be insta DESTROYED by and Admin (Yes, even your 200+ level tame)
Water Limits:
Each tribe is allowed 4 rafts/boats with the exception of the shipwrights who can have boats ready for sale.
DO NOT KILL TAMES PEOPLE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF TAMING. (Exception: Rule is excluded when taming in someone else’s kingdom. They have the right to impose a no taming rule for outsiders in their kingdom.) Each tribe is limited to 130 tames.