Rules and Regulations

Do not build close to someone! Ask them or an admin if you have a doubt.
No base building with just gates.
No rectangular block buildings.
No blocking major resource points or points of interest.
Be respectful !
Have fun !

Not just a builders server

It is expected to have some sort of creative base build. It should not be a rectangular block building with fences and a gate. Make it your home! I expect to add in a few more decor mods sometime in the future to help flush things out and make it more of an immersive experience.

Please limit your taming pens so they are not scattered all over the map. If not in use or done with, please remove them.

Do not block off major resource nodes or places of interest.

A lot of players are planning a nice base build. Do not get to close to them. Please talk to your neighbor or admins if you think you might be close. You don’t know what the other person has planned! Your version and your neighbor’s version of too close is probably different.

The capitalism mods provide players for some hard to get items along with a variety of skins. There is a NPC trader area located in Viking Bay to start. If population grows and a city is built, they can be relocated.

But remember, its not all about the building. . . as there are mods that provide a richer variety of creatures. Just be careful ! You might see something you normally don’t see!

“”Do…or do not. There is no try.”


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