Welcome to the Saints N Sinners Gaming community.    We are a small group of friends playing several different online games.     Our history has included  Conan Exiles,  Empyrion,   7 Days To Die,  RUST,  and ARK: Survival Evolved.

We first became a small community in early 2016.   I had left playing EVE Online for ten years and was looking to try something else.   A few friends from EVE came over when I got my first ARK game server.    I had attempted joining a lot of the unofficial servers at that time,  and nothing seemed right.    The servers were either too over powered,  never the right combination of mods,  or outright admin abuse.    The first servers we had were PvP as EVE Online was very PvP oriented.

Eventually they ended up moving on or going back to EVE.   I thought I would try PvE and a new map that was just getting developed,  Ragnarok.    It was only about 10-20% complete,  but had potential out of this world.    I met someone on the server who would become my right hand,  Kamaka.    The more I learned about her,  the more I realized that we were very similar in our gaming wants and how we handled things.    She eventually became an admin,  and then full access to all the games on the server.   She is a huge asset to our little community.

Over time,   we had a core group of everyday players that became friends.    Some left and moved on for whatever reasons.    Some are still here.   Some broke away from Saints N Sinners and formed their own community,  but that is a whole other story in itself.   I have had the pleasure of playing games with a lot of people I call friend.

We have had some good times and bad times.   We have grown from a single game server to a full dedicated physical server.   We had setbacks,  having to reduce back our game servers.

I have always tried to get feedback from people on the direction the group should head.    I have made mistakes,  but have recovered and learned from them.     I welcome you to the community we call Saints N Sinners.    Sit back and enjoy !

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