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Saints N Sinners Gaming now have an ARK cluster of 5 maps set up:

Saints N Sinners PvE Cluster

The Saints N Sinners cluster consists of 5 maps:   Ragnarok, Valguero, Scorched Earth,  Extinction, and The Island.
It is geared towards long-term play with some building/decor mods,  an economy,  and the ability to ascend.   More info can be found by joining our discord.  We are a small friendly gaming community looking for others of similiar interests to play with.    We recently moved back into a full dedicated server,  so you do not have to worry about lag.   Stop by our discord and say hi!


1x  Experience
3x  Harvesting
5x  Taming

Misc. Info:

Difficulty: 20 (Max dino level 600)
Custom player leveling to 200 (215 with ascension)
Custom Player attribute per stat modifiers
Reduced water and food intake.
Longer days and shorter nights.
Breeding factors tweaked
Custom drops that includes mod specific content.

Removed creatures: Leedsichthys and Ichthyornis


Discord link –


Saints N Sinners Cluster Mod List:

Saints N Sinners Ragnarok Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners Valguero Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners The Island Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners Extinction Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners Scorched Earth Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)




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