Saints N Sinners Dedicated Server

We have a dedicated server with such and such running from a datacenter in Dallas, Texas.    We hope that the high speed access available in datacenters and the physical location of the server in the middle of the United States will give the best possible performance for everyone.

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Our game servers:


ARK: Survival Evolved (stand alone servers)

  • Saints N Sinners Survival Plus      webpage         

A few Eco mods with some engrams blocked that interfere with professions.

  • Saints N Sinners Builders Paradise Ragnarok           

  • Saints N Sinners Higher rates / tech



  • Saints N Sinners Extinction server


7 Days To Die: (currently awaiting A17)

Saints n Sinners Alpha 17 Experimental

This will be transtitioning from alpha 17 experimental to alpha 17 stable


Dark and Light

  • Saints N Sinners Dark and Light         


Conan Exiles

  • Saints N Sinners Conan Exiles