The modding journey has just started

Saints N Sinners has never been a large gaming community. Those that have stuck around I wouldn’t trade for a 1,000 players…. We have become a family of sorts. One of our issues I think is that of communication. I have decided to go the modding journey alone as I no longer have the desire to try and pull thoughts and suggestions from those around me.

Saints N Sinners currently have three 7 Days To Die servers installed. The main one (port 26909) is on a 13k random gen map with a botman bot installed. My main testing server (port 26918) has a different 8k seed with 15 large cities and lots of mods. The last server (port 26900) is sitting not used at the moment.

There are a lot of mod designers out there that already have some great working modlets. There is no reason for me to reinvent the wheel, but I’m looking over these modlets learning how and why things work. ūüôā

My ulimate goal will be to have in place an Alpha 18 random gen seed map that is 8k in size. Cities will be large and varied. Burnt and wasteland areas will be present, but not overwhelming. Utilizing botman, a spawn area with an area for server rules, traders, and a place for future player trade stations will be constructed. Custom mods will have additional guns, food recipes, and quests. A new player selects a profession at the beginning that allows additional gear oriented towards their chosen profession. Hopefully that will develop niche players and enhance trading and the economy.

Taosst’s Corner reboot !

So those that may or may not know it,   I have had computer issues over the last month or so.    It was a pleasant change to get caught up on things I was procrastinating on.    Plus some more TV time and other stuff.

Well,  I finally pulled the trigger and bought a gaming desktop.   The old machine (that still needs to be repaired)  with be retasked into a development/rendering workstation and more.   No ETA on that,  but eventually I would like to get into doing some ARK modding.

I think it would be neat to have some custom mods for Saints N Sinners.   Ideally having an UI mod with all the rules, info, and our logo would be great.   And then if I look back at all the small mods and utilities that goes into 99% of our server builds you will see a common thread.     If I could make a mod that utilizes a dino tracker, an enhanced spyglass,  and other goodies,  then the mod count will be reduced a lot.

Just thoughts for the future.

And in-game…….

I took up my normal location on Ragnarok near the hidden metal cave.   The server has been up for about a week now and I have 3 buildings and a wall up.

First building was my starter build for crafting,  with a second floor to house bird tames.    Then when I did the immersive taming,  I realized how easy it was to get Pteras and Argy,  so went about constructing a Barn that currently has two out of the three floors built.     And in between building those,  I started on a farm.    I will have pictures and such later!    Enjoy the server!

Tweaks to the cluster

The cluster has been up for a week now.   Everything new always needs the occasional tweak here and there.    We added in a dino tracking mod for example.

We also have a couple of discussions going on involving Additional Servers/Maps  and Additional Mods.  Voting on the maps or additional servers has been very weak and no decision yet.   The two additional mods suggested was Platforms Plus and Bridge.   Both are small, but would make a huge impact to those wanting to do any building on the platforms.

Mod count is currently at 19 on the server.   We have 20 on just The Island since some players do not have Extinction DLC and we added in the Cross Extinction DLC on just that map.    If we add in Platforms Plus and the Bridge mod,  then we will be going up to 21 on the mod count.   A decent chunk of them are smaller so hopefully this would not impact anyones load time.

New cluster !

Saints N Sinners Gaming now have an ARK cluster of 5 maps set up:

Saints N Sinners PvE Cluster

The Saints N Sinners cluster consists of 5 maps:   Ragnarok, Valguero, Scorched Earth,  Extinction, and The Island.  It is geared towards long-term play with some building/decor mods,  an economy,  and the ability to ascend.   More info can be found by joining our discord.  We are a small friendly gaming community looking for others of similiar interests to play with.    We recently moved back into a full dedicated server,  so you do not have to worry about lag.   Stop by our discord and say hi!


1x  Experience
3x  Harvesting
5x  Taming

Misc. Info:

Difficulty: 20 (Max dino level 600)
Custom player leveling to 200 (215 with ascension)
Custom Player attribute per stat modifiers
Reduced water and food intake.
Longer days and shorter nights.
Breeding factors tweaked
Custom drops that includes mod specific content.

Removed creatures: Leedsichthys and Ichthyornis


Discord link¬†‚Äst

Saints N Sinners Cluster Mod List:

Saints N Sinners Ragnarok Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners Valguero Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners The Island Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners Extinction Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


Saints N Sinners Scorched Earth Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP)


So things didn’t go as planned. . . .

Last night,   I got in game and grabbed my taming equipment.    I had 27 Stage 3 arrows and a few extra Narcotics,   so I did a small berry gathering run with the Trike and got some Narcotics going.    I made an extra 10 arrows and a handful of extra narcotics and set off on my journey.

The ptera I had was a low level one.   And having no back up makes me even more cautious than I normally am.   hehehe     So my plan was to get something near max level.    I went and looked for a minute,  then realized I needed a spyglass.    So went back,  made a SelMod spyglass and resumed the search.    Level 30.   Level 40.   Then another level 30.     Oh,  there is a 240 (or close) and I figured that was good,  but it had a couple of those extinction drones on each side of it that almost looked like it was protecting it.    After a few minutes waiting,  I moved on. . . .

I had headed down the west side of the Viking Bay coastline and damn,   had a level 300 female ptera !   OK,   so she was heading more towards the mudslide area.    And she lands about 5 foundations from a Rex who decides to snap at her hoping for a little ptera snack.    Well,  the bird flies,  and I follow.    And follow.    She decides to fly up to the next elevation level and finally settles down for a second.

Now is my chance !¬† ¬† I land close by,¬† bolas in hand !¬† ¬†My first attempt misses with me thinking damn, I am better than that.¬† ¬† Second one connects and she is snagged.¬† ¬†First stage 3 arrow connects,¬† then a second,¬† and a third.¬† OK,¬† so I know there is some delay with those arrows,¬† so I don’t want to hit it if I don’t have to.¬† But I don’t want her to get out of the bolas either!¬† ¬†So a fourth arrow and then a few seconds later,¬† the fifth and she goes down.¬† ¬† I rush up and toss what Mutton I had left from trading with Kamaka two days ago and wait.¬† ¬† I hear a sound and damn its a Rex that is closing.¬† ¬†Jump on my ptera rushing the Rex,¬† attacking and drawing him over the edge where that other Rex is.¬† ¬†I try to drag them down the beach a short time and then return to the unconscious 300 on the ground.

About 10 to 15 seconds later I’m attacked!¬† I try to get on my ptera and fly up and I’m stuck.¬† Not sure on what,¬† but the bird is taking damage as I see blood spurting…..¬† Its a sabertooth,¬† so with the bird stuck and not flying away (might have gotten stuck on the 300),¬† I pull out the sword and try to attack.¬† ¬†At this point I know the 300 is messed up and I just want to save my gear and the ptera.¬† ¬† ¬†The ptera dies to the sabertooth and I try attacking it.¬† ¬† And then die seconds later……

So I lost the ptera and had no back up to fly over.¬† ¬†I lost all my narcotics and my remaining Stage 3 arrows.¬† ¬† And worst thing,¬† I lost the 300 which I really wanted.¬† ¬† So I wake up in bed and decide I can’t get my stuff,¬† so log off to watch a Deadliest Catch episode.¬† ¬† Tomorrow will bring a new day to get stockpiled back (well,¬† today actually since I’m writing this now).

Have fun and enjoy !