ARK Shop

** Please note, this page is a work-in-progress.

The ARK Shop is accessable through the chat window with the following commands:

  • /points – Shows current amount of points.
  • /buy <ID> <Amount> – Buys the item from shop.
  • /trade <‘CharacterName’> <Amount> – Sends points to other player (‘ ‘ – are necessary).
  • /kit – Shows all kits.
  • /kit <KitName> – Redeems the kit.
  • /buykit <KitName> <Amount> – Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
  • /shop <Page> – Shows a list of available items in the shop.
  • /sell <ID> <Amount> – Sells an item.
  • /shopsell<Page> – Shows a list of available for selling items.
  • /shophelp – Show custom help message.

10 Points are acquired for each 10 minutes you are active on the server.
Kit names are colored for easy convenience.

Starter Kits

Starter Tools
Metal Pick and Metal Hatchet
tools 60 points

Metal Ingots
100 metal ingots to help you get started
ingots 120 points

place xx points

Starter Trike
Starter low level Trike and saddle.
trike 60 points

placeB xx points

placeB xx points

TEK Engram Kits

TEK Armor Engrams
All 5 TEK Armor engrams
TEKarmor 2000 points

TEK Basic Building Engrams
Basic TEK building engrams consisting of wall, window, foundation
TEKbasic 1000 points

TEK Generator Engram
TEK Generator engram
TEKgen 750 points

TEK Replicator engram
TEK Replicator engram
TEKrep 750 points

TEK Advanced Building Engrams
More building engrams to add onto the basic building.
TEKadvanced 1000 points

TEK Rifle Engram
TEK Rifle Engram
TEKrifle 750 points

Limited Time Specials !

Special 1
special1 xx points

Special 3
special1 xx points

Special 5
special1 xx points

Special 2
special1 xx points

Special 4
special1 xx points

Special 6
special1 xx points

Individual Artifacts

a0001Artifact of the Brute800/buy a0001
a0002Artifact of the Clever800/buy a0002
a0003Artifact of the Cunning800/buy a0003
a0004Artifact of the Devious800/buy a0004
a0005Artifact of the Devourer800/buy a0005
a0006Artifact of the Hunter800/buy a0006
a0007Artifact of the Immune800/buy a0007
a0008Artifact of the Massive800/buy a0008
a0009Artifact of the Pack800/buy a0009
a0010Artifact of the Skylord800/buy a0010
a0011Artifact of the Strong800/buy a0011
a0012Artifact of the Gatekeeper (SE)800/buy a0012
a0013Artifact of the Crag (SE)800/buy a0013
a0014Artifact of the Destroyer (SE)800/buy a0014
a0015Artifact of the Depths (Ab)800/buy a0015
a0016Artifact of the Shadows (Ab)800/buy a0016
a0017Artifact of the Stalker (Ab)800/buy a0017
a0018Artifact of the Chaos (Ext)800/buy a0018
a0019Artifact of the Growth (Ext)800/buy a0019
a0020Artifact of the Void (Ext)800/buy a0020

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