Saints N Sinners Gaming only has one ARK game server up right now.

Saints N Sinners Ragnarok (10xH,10xT,2.5xXP)

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10x Harvesting Rate
10x Taming Rate
2.5x Experience Rate

I thought I would do things a little different this time by having a higher rate server with a low number of mods.

The mod selection, while few in number, should provide a huge range of options. The Cross Aberration and Cross Extinction mods bring us new creatures. We have a raft mod, a stacking mod, and a luxury mod with the spoilers. Building options are huge with the castle mod and structures plus.

I also have the same .ini settings as usual. No leedfish, better food/water, custom levels to 200. Difficulty 10, so level 300 dinos.


764755314 Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
749466101 Advanced Rafts
918231138 SelMods
731604991 Structures Plus
1184731864 StackMeMore (v1.51)
1634834823 DarkEdge’s Cross Extinction
1230672785 Spoilers
1267677473 Cross Aberration

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