7DTD Server Info

Currently, we do not have a game server that is open to the public. Our one game server is in testing mode. Please try out Kamaka’s Defiant Nomads Gaming server.

Saints N Sinners Test
Connection IP Info: private
Password: private

Testing objectives:
– custom 8k Nitrogen based map
– custom weapons mod
– custom food / farming mod
– custom vehicle mod

Current Modding content:

Vehicle storage changes:
– bicycle from 9 to 20 minibike from 27 to 40
– motorcycle from 36 to 60
– gyrocopter from 45 to 80
– 4×4 truck from 81 to 100.

Personal storage:
– Backpack increased to 120 slots.
– Player built storage increased to 143 slots.
– Generator bank fuel tank increased from 1k to 10k

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