The Darkness Falls wall.

This weekend was a little wakeup call for me. Everyone has a different playstyle. Everyone has different amounts of time that they can allow for gaming. I’ve learned to not compare myself to others, but to judge how well I do myself. For those who have not played the Darkness Falls mod, it is one of the best out there for 7 Days To Die. It is not for the beginner as it can be very challenging at times. It’s unique creatures, gear, and game mechanics provide a great gaming experience.

My only negative is I seem to hit a wall in the game every game. I think its my playstyle. The server that I have been playing on has progression dialed back some and even a mod in-game to reduce xp for mining gear. Yet game after game I seem to hit a wall with my gamestage where its no longer possible for me to do loot runs on POI. I changed up my playstyle a little this current game, and I think I hit the wall sooner than normal. I’m at the point where I need tools in my workstations to do ammo production and make a cement mixer.

My friends don’t seem to have this issue. And I will repeat that the Darkness Falls mod is one of the best mods for 7 Days To Die. If you have not played it, you should !

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