A New Beginning . . .

Saints N Sinners gaming has undergone some changes since it was started in 2016. A name change or two until the name finally stuck. And as a small gaming community we have had our ups and downs. Population has been from a small handful to 100+ people. We started with a single game server and grew into a full dedicated server. As the big cheese in charge, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people.

I’ve made my share of mistakes. I think we rushed some server builds so we could play on them. After all, the community started as just a small group of friends that wanted to play with each other. Looking back, I think we changed servers or wiped more often than we should have. At one point, we were playing several different games, like ARK, RUST, Eco, Empyrion, etc. and it seemed like we would move on to a new game every month.

We had a core group that was everyday players, where you could just about log on anytime and see a close friend. About a year or more ago I think I got burned out. Or I had expectations that may or may not have been realistic. I needed help and had little support in areas that I needed help in. One gamer, Kamaka, who I was lucky enough to meet, had become my right hand and by the end of things, was very experienced in setting up, maintaining, and being an admin on the game servers we ran. Without her, I doubt I would have lasted as long as I did in hosting games.

So I had support for the actual game servers. But I was looking for support for blog, website, etc. I wanted to get into modding and make the community unique experiences. Looking back I pushed and all they wanted to do was just play and not “work”. I now understand, but at that time I guess I expected our little core group to take it to the next level. Well, I guess I had gotten more and more frustrated and eventually I exploded. Prolly burned a couple bridges, and ended up shutting down the server and the community sorted moved on.

Fast forward to today. I do miss having a full dedicated server. I always tried to please the group with set up choices for games (with me having veto power on things). My main goal is to play games with friends, so the past year I have been playing here and there. But it never felt like home.

Right now, its just me and an empty Saints N Sinners discord in the community.

– Taosst

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