The modding journey has just started

Saints N Sinners has never been a large gaming community. Those that have stuck around I wouldn’t trade for a 1,000 players…. We have become a family of sorts. One of our issues I think is that of communication. I have decided to go the modding journey alone as I no longer have the desire to try and pull thoughts and suggestions from those around me.

Saints N Sinners currently have three 7 Days To Die servers installed. The main one (port 26909) is on a 13k random gen map with a botman bot installed. My main testing server (port 26918) has a different 8k seed with 15 large cities and lots of mods. The last server (port 26900) is sitting not used at the moment.

There are a lot of mod designers out there that already have some great working modlets. There is no reason for me to reinvent the wheel, but I’m looking over these modlets learning how and why things work. 🙂

My ulimate goal will be to have in place an Alpha 18 random gen seed map that is 8k in size. Cities will be large and varied. Burnt and wasteland areas will be present, but not overwhelming. Utilizing botman, a spawn area with an area for server rules, traders, and a place for future player trade stations will be constructed. Custom mods will have additional guns, food recipes, and quests. A new player selects a profession at the beginning that allows additional gear oriented towards their chosen profession. Hopefully that will develop niche players and enhance trading and the economy.

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