Tweaks to the cluster

The cluster has been up for a week now.   Everything new always needs the occasional tweak here and there.    We added in a dino tracking mod for example.

We also have a couple of discussions going on involving Additional Servers/Maps  and Additional Mods.  Voting on the maps or additional servers has been very weak and no decision yet.   The two additional mods suggested was Platforms Plus and Bridge.   Both are small, but would make a huge impact to those wanting to do any building on the platforms.

Mod count is currently at 19 on the server.   We have 20 on just The Island since some players do not have Extinction DLC and we added in the Cross Extinction DLC on just that map.    If we add in Platforms Plus and the Bridge mod,  then we will be going up to 21 on the mod count.   A decent chunk of them are smaller so hopefully this would not impact anyones load time.

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