Taosst’s Corner reboot !

So those that may or may not know it,   I have had computer issues over the last month or so.    It was a pleasant change to get caught up on things I was procrastinating on.    Plus some more TV time and other stuff.

Well,  I finally pulled the trigger and bought a gaming desktop.   The old machine (that still needs to be repaired)  with be retasked into a development/rendering workstation and more.   No ETA on that,  but eventually I would like to get into doing some ARK modding.

I think it would be neat to have some custom mods for Saints N Sinners.   Ideally having an UI mod with all the rules, info, and our logo would be great.   And then if I look back at all the small mods and utilities that goes into 99% of our server builds you will see a common thread.     If I could make a mod that utilizes a dino tracker, an enhanced spyglass,  and other goodies,  then the mod count will be reduced a lot.

Just thoughts for the future.

And in-game…….

I took up my normal location on Ragnarok near the hidden metal cave.   The server has been up for about a week now and I have 3 buildings and a wall up.

First building was my starter build for crafting,  with a second floor to house bird tames.    Then when I did the immersive taming,  I realized how easy it was to get Pteras and Argy,  so went about constructing a Barn that currently has two out of the three floors built.     And in between building those,  I started on a farm.    I will have pictures and such later!    Enjoy the server!

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