So things didn’t go as planned. . . .

Last night,   I got in game and grabbed my taming equipment.    I had 27 Stage 3 arrows and a few extra Narcotics,   so I did a small berry gathering run with the Trike and got some Narcotics going.    I made an extra 10 arrows and a handful of extra narcotics and set off on my journey.

The ptera I had was a low level one.   And having no back up makes me even more cautious than I normally am.   hehehe     So my plan was to get something near max level.    I went and looked for a minute,  then realized I needed a spyglass.    So went back,  made a SelMod spyglass and resumed the search.    Level 30.   Level 40.   Then another level 30.     Oh,  there is a 240 (or close) and I figured that was good,  but it had a couple of those extinction drones on each side of it that almost looked like it was protecting it.    After a few minutes waiting,  I moved on. . . .

I had headed down the west side of the Viking Bay coastline and damn,   had a level 300 female ptera !   OK,   so she was heading more towards the mudslide area.    And she lands about 5 foundations from a Rex who decides to snap at her hoping for a little ptera snack.    Well,  the bird flies,  and I follow.    And follow.    She decides to fly up to the next elevation level and finally settles down for a second.

Now is my chance !    I land close by,  bolas in hand !   My first attempt misses with me thinking damn, I am better than that.    Second one connects and she is snagged.   First stage 3 arrow connects,  then a second,  and a third.  OK,  so I know there is some delay with those arrows,  so I don’t want to hit it if I don’t have to.  But I don’t want her to get out of the bolas either!   So a fourth arrow and then a few seconds later,  the fifth and she goes down.    I rush up and toss what Mutton I had left from trading with Kamaka two days ago and wait.    I hear a sound and damn its a Rex that is closing.   Jump on my ptera rushing the Rex,  attacking and drawing him over the edge where that other Rex is.   I try to drag them down the beach a short time and then return to the unconscious 300 on the ground.

About 10 to 15 seconds later I’m attacked!  I try to get on my ptera and fly up and I’m stuck.  Not sure on what,  but the bird is taking damage as I see blood spurting…..  Its a sabertooth,  so with the bird stuck and not flying away (might have gotten stuck on the 300),  I pull out the sword and try to attack.   At this point I know the 300 is messed up and I just want to save my gear and the ptera.     The ptera dies to the sabertooth and I try attacking it.    And then die seconds later……

So I lost the ptera and had no back up to fly over.   I lost all my narcotics and my remaining Stage 3 arrows.    And worst thing,  I lost the 300 which I really wanted.    So I wake up in bed and decide I can’t get my stuff,  so log off to watch a Deadliest Catch episode.    Tomorrow will bring a new day to get stockpiled back (well,  today actually since I’m writing this now).

Have fun and enjoy !

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