The first few days in game . . .

It has been a while since I played ARK.    But it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things.   The higher experience rates are outpacing what you want to do.   But I can’t complain about the harvest or taming rates 🙂

So my first task in game was to get a few levels built up so I could build storage and a starter structure.  Getting the few levels did not take long at 2.5 times the base experience.    Just running around to a site I wanted to build on gave enough to get going!

The site I selected for my starter base was located west of Viking Bay close to the water.    I selected a raised plateau area that had a gentle ramp leading up to it.   My thought process was I wanted something that was large enough to fence in,  to build at least a 4×4 building, and had enough room for some pens for tames.

I have seen too many starter 2 x 2 or other designs that was just a box.     I wanted to keep away from that if possible,   so while I did a 4 x 4,  I went with a decent roof design utilizing the Villager tier of the castle mod.    It did not take long to build it up.     You got to start with something:


The starter base





Next steps was filling it up with crafting stations,  namely forge and smithy to get metal tools.   Then adding a makeshift fence so I could protect future tames.    Palisade fence from I think the Settlers tier of the castle mod seemed to work well.   And they did not need foundation support !

Taming is not my strong suit in the past.    It’s something that I am trying to work on as I know its a huge part of ARK.      So with the starter base fenced in,   I went to work getting some ‘starter’ tames.   Since I don’t do a lot of taming,   I tend to stockpile Narcotics and Tranq supplies so I don’t run out in the middle of trying to tame something.

One of my first was a Lystrosaurus.   I know you are prolly laughing at that,  but to tell you the truth I had never tamed one before.    I tamed 3 (one male, two females) while I was resource collectioning.  A max level dodo was close by so I got him too 🙂    And then of course you need a starter Trike!   A pteranodon completes the first tames and opens up a lot more possibilities.



The next evolution of the base.





So I ended my play session the next day with a decent sized starter base.   A second small 2×2 building will be home to electrical.    And I wanted to play around with the Advanced Raft mods lights,  so I built a small watch platform and put both sizes of the spotlight on it.    I loved them!    They produce a nice white light for quite a distance.   They need fuel,  but can be run with just wood or thatch too.    I think they will be a replacement for the standing torches in the next iteration or base upgrade.   The only downside is that they do not have an automatic on/off setting for day/night.

I know my writing is not one of my strong suites,  but if you read to this point,  I hope you have enjoyed it.  I hope to go into more depth on things in the future and be more descriptive.


– Taosst

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