Grand Opening event !

New game servers at Saints N Sinners usually have a Grand Opening server event the first or second weekend.   Typically its an increased rate or breeders weekend lasting from Saturday to Monday (since my days off are Sunday and Monday).    With the higher rates on the server,  I am thinking that a breeders weekend with an increased difficulty would be the thing.    Normally the server is at Difficulty 10,  which means the max dino level is 300.

Breeders Extended Weekend server event !

Max level dinos = 360

Saturday, June 8th till sometime late Monday June 10th

Difficulty level will be increased from level 10 (300 level max dino) to Difficulty 12.   During the server event,  the max level dinos will be level 360.    There will be no scheduled dino wipe on Monday after the event ends.

So you have a few days to get yourself established on the server and get those Narcotics pumped out!  And remember,  the SelMod has better tranq arrows and tranq darts !

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