The Start of Taosst’s Corner

So the new server is online.     I went with Ragnarok as it is one of my favorites.   Kamaka and I (Taosst) have been on and off the Ragnarok map since the designers first started.    We have been playing on the map since Viking’s Bay was the only section of the map complete and open!    We have both been financial supporters of the designers through Patreon.    It is simple the map that I compare everything else to!

The server went up two days ago and I had been toying around with doing somesort of blog about my experiences.    I have been away from ARK for months and thought this server might be a good way of relearning stuff and applying stuff that I have never done before in the game.

I have almost 4,000 hours in ARK:  Survival Evolved.     I love to build,  especially with the Castles, Forts, and Keeps mod.     While I have tamed numerous beasts over that time,   there is a LOT that I have not attempted.     This time will be different.   This time I will still build,  but I will build up a stable of creatures that Kamaka (who loves to tame) will be proud of !

The server started on June 2nd, 2019.    And unfortunately I did not document it like I should or like I will in the future.   The next post will be about my first two days in game and the experience of being back in the wonderful world of ARK !

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