New ARK game server !

The Saints N Sinners Ragnarok pve server went online the evening of June 2nd, 2019.    The thought process behind the server mods and rates is a higher rate, less grindy,  back to basics server.

The Cross Aberration and Cross Extinction mods allow dinos, equipment, and resources to be added to the Ragnarok map allowing for more dinos to be tamed !     The Cross Extinction mod does not include Titans or corrupted dinos.

The Castles, Forts, and Keeps mod is one of my favorites.   It has 3 tiers of building pieces available with the Settlers,  Villagers, and Castle parts.     Combined with Structures Plus,  there are a ton of building options available for most players.

No server would be complete without a wood and meat spoiler and some sort of stacking mod.    SelMods provides some advanced spyglass and taming options.    And another favorite for boat people,  Advanced Rafts,  provides additional options for those liking the water experience.    It also has some night lighting options.

All in all,   I think the mod selection provides a huge bang for the buck while keeping the number of mods low.    If demand warrants it,  perhaps,  one or two additional mods might be added on later.

Join our discord channel at

And the fine details of the server is at Game Server Info.

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