Version 8 is scheduled to come out tomorrow !   (Feb 6th, 2019)

Eco 8.0 Biomes:

Trees: Palm trees, Redwoods

Animals: Mule Deer. Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep

Grasslands Plants: Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Sunflower

Desert Plants: Agave, Creosote Art Update

Forest Plants: Ocean Spray, Trillium

Taiga and Tundra Plants: Lupine, Saxifrage, Peat Moss, Deer Lichen, Dwarf Willow, Arctic Willow

Rainforest Plants!: Papaya, Taro, Orchid, Heliconia, Pineapple, Lattice Mushroom, Bolete Mushroom, Cookeina Mushroom, Filmy Fern, King Fern

Wetland Plants: Pumpkin



New Skill System!

Earn levelups by doing work, then choose specialty talents.

New Animal AI system!

Animals have new behaviors and are much smarter.


Create plumbing networks to supply your villages and remove pollution.


Create new bank accounts and designate who has access.


Create titles and use them to determine who can access what.

As soon as possible,   Saints N Sinners will have an ECO version 8 game server up.    We are looking at medium collaboration, no meteor,  and a 4 km world.




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