Saints N Sinners Gaming currently has 5 ARK game servers online and grouped in a cluster.   The mods and rates are the same on all of the game servers.

The cluster consists of five maps that are linked.    Each allows you to transfer your character, gear, and dinos to any of the other maps.

Current maps:

  • Ragnarok
  • The Center
  • Extinction
  • Aberration
  • Scorched Earth (may soon becoming a roaming map we vote on)

Current mods:

  • Structures Plus


Current rates and settings:

  • Harvesting rate:
  • Taming rate:
  • Experience rate:
  • Reduced hunger and thirst
  • Longer days,  shorter nights
  • No Leedsichthys  (fish that destroy rafts)
  • Custom levels (up to 200,  215 with ascension)
  • Enhanced PerLevelStatsMultiplier to help with grind
  • Enhanced breeding times !


Stop by discord and say hi!
Discord Channel Link









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