Your Journey Begins

With Saints N Sinners Gaming, our goal is to provide a unique and fun environment to play 7 Days To Die through custom mods with a player focus.

Random Gen World

Compopack and other mods make the server unique.

Gaming with friends

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes. Choose your next destination with us, we will take care of the rest.

Random Gen Maps with Tweaks

Our random gen maps have been tweaked and tested before public release.

Custom Mods

Custom mods are being worked on to provide additional guns, gear, food recipes, and more to make an unique gaming experience!


Full Dedicated Server

Saints N Sinners is lucky enough to be running an i7-7700k machine with 64gb of memory. All donations go to the monthly funding of the dedicated server.

Donation packages are being worked on currently.

Paypal Donations

This is the link to the paypal money pool offered by the server owner.

Thank you for your donation!


Monthly Donations via Patreon

Under construction.

7DTD Forums

7 Days To Die forums.

A place to look at news, mods, and general discussions.

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